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        ,                       _     _ _
       /#\        __ _ _ __ ___| |__ | (_)_ __  _   ___  __
      /###\      / _` | '__/ __| '_ \| | | '_ \| | | \ \/ /
     /#####\    | (_| | | | (__| | | | | | | | | |_| |>
    /##,-,##\    \__,_|_|  \___|_| |_|_|_|_| |_|\__,_/_/\_\
   /##(   )##\
  /#.--   --.#\   A simple, elegant GNU/Linux distribution.
 /`           `\

> OS: Arch Linux x86_64
> Kernel: 3.10.3-1-ck
> Shell: /bin/bash
> Packages: 1060
> Window Manager: Openbox
> GTK2 theme: Adwaita
> GTK2 icon theme: Faenza-Dark
> GTK2 font name: Verdana 10
> RAM: 8GiB
> CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @  4.80GHz

> STARTUP TIME: 7.672s (systemd-analyze)
>               2.007s (kernel) + 5.665s (userspace)

Most of the files here are for maintaining Archlinux.

Clear On Close

basic extension to clear cache on closing browser window


This extension was made to be used for web development.
I made this mainly for ease of use so whenever I close the window of my test browser it clears everything.
I run the browser using a seperate profile using '--user-data-dir'.
The profile also has the livereload extension installed for development testing.


there currently are no options available
you can check if the plugin is working by looking at the generated background.html & closing the browser window.
If working you should see a message: 'chrome window closed - clearing data'


There is an issue with browser shutdown and 'chrome.windows.onRemoved' where the browser shutsdown before issuing any commands.
There are 2 ways to get around this.
The first is to open a new window and leave a background window/process.
The other is to enable the 'Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed' option in chrome advanced settings.

I have also added a button (v0.0.2) for people who want to be able to click to clear.


                Lastfm feed - equk.co.uk
 lastfm feed - Copyright (C) 2013  Bradley Walden
 This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
 This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
 under certain conditions. See GNU GPLv3.

Version: 0.2.0


    0.1.0 - initial commit

    0.2.0 - added function time_ago to show how long ago since
            tracks were played


To use this script you need to include this file using php.
You can then call the functions.


eg: lastfmfeed('equilibriumuk','10');

There is also a function for css styles which can be put into
the header of the website/page.

eg: lastfmfeed_css();

simple lasftm feed using php + xml


This section has a few scripts I have written for tweaking/hacking the Google Android OS

Most of it is aimed specifically at the HTC Sensation/XE

Currently using Cyanogen 10.2 Google Android Jellybean 4.3

Device: HTC Sensation

Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon
CPU: Dual-core 1.566 GHz Scorpion
GPU: Adreno 220
Display: 4.3 Inch S-LCD Capacitive
Resolution: 540 x 960 pixels
Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass
Camera: 8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels
        autofocus, dual-LED flash

OS: Google Android Jellybean v4.3

Firmware: 3.33
Features: S-OFF, Unlocked, Rooted, SuperCID


This section has a few scripts I have written for tweaking/hacking the Google Android OS

Most of it is aimed specifically at the Samsung i5700

Phone: Samsung Galaxy i5700
CPU: ARM11 800mhz (S3C6400)
Camera: 3.15 MP (2048×1536) Autofocus
RAM: 256MB
OS: Android v2.3


The script makes the system put dalvik cache into the /cache partition which is 80mb and gets used by various processes for caching & OTA updates (prob don't have those anymore anyway). The script also removes old system dumps to free space on each reboot of the phone. The script doesn't make use of slow removable SD Cards (uses fast onboard memory)


Cleanup script for samsung default ROMs and also fixes for custom ROMs on the i5700


Scripts, tweaks and fixes for the Ainol Novo 7 Elf tablet. (may also be usable with Aurora)

CPU: Allwinner A10 Cortex A8
GPU: Mali400
In Built Memory: 8 GB
MicroSD card slot: up to 32GB
Operating System: Android OS, v4.3
Camera: Primary 2 MP
Display: 7.0 inches HD capacitive touchscreen,
(1024 x 600 pixels)
5 point multi touch
Networks: N/A
Dimensions: 190x 120x 12 mm
Weight: 340 g
WiFi: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Battery: Standard battery LiIon 3800 mAh

Note: this is no longer in use


OS: Apple Mac OS X Lion
Mem: 4GB
GPU: ATI Radeon HD5770
Kernel: Darwin Kernel Version 11.0.0: Sat Jun 18 12:56:35 PDT 2011
Screen1: Samsung SyncMaster 2333 1920x1080
Screen2: Samsung SyncMaster 913N 1280x1024

This section is for general osx stuff.
Will probably end up with loads of bash scripts & configs like my linux repo.

My main OS is now Archlinux. I have completely dropped OSX since I no longer have a mac. Unfortunately I still dual boot windows7 for some applications.